• Host an In-Home Presentation

  • $50 $400
  • As Trusted Partners of the eSafety Office, we visit your home to deliver your 60 minute cyber safety session.

    Catering for min 8 – max 10 people to be charged at $50 pp (the hosts session fee is wavered)

    Cybersafe Families Resource Kit’s for attendees


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  • IT Support Visit - Online Safety

  • $130 $149
  • As Trusted Partners of the eSafety Office, we visit your home to provide expert advice

    Assistance with tailoring the devices in your home according to cyber safety best practices

    A Cybersafe Families Resource Pack delivered with detailed discussion on latest topics

    Child discussion support

    Visit duration approx 60 minutes


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  • Educational institutions please click here for school packages information

Who we are

We are passionate about children getting the most of Information Technology at the time when they are ready. We provide cyber safety education in Adelaide SA 5000. Information Technology can be a great resource and learning tool for children, but it can also provide access to material that may not be age appropriate. Unfiltered access and potential discoveries that can occur right in your home could be harmful to your children.

Cybersafe Families cyber safety education gives Parents and Guardians a way to make their homes cyber safe! It’s important for parents to understand the real possibilities and understand the best practice for protection for as long as your family needs it. We don’t endorse overly strict regimes, just the importance of providing a suitable technology environment that is appropriate for the different stages of a child’s life.

Once parents are armed with the right information, only they can decide what’s right for their children. We aim for the best possible outcome for parents working with what is available, with a focus on the future of home internet safety. Cybersafe Families has a strong focus on child internet safety in Adelaide. SA

We follow guidelines as recommended by the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, this combined with our experience in the industry provides a unique presentation offering for Australian schools.


Home visits

Our office hours are flexible which makes scheduling appointments a breeze.

School Parent Information Sessions

Learn about cyber safety, the definitions, possibilities and how to provide a safer environment.

Education Staff & Student Training

Cyber safety information sessions tailored to suit your desired audience.

Urgent Customised Assistance

Cybersafe Families have the knowledge and skillset to provide your family with a customised solution to suit your situation. When you need help urgently, we don't want you to feel alone... Call us on 1300 206 969

Technical help

Book a technician for a home visit to design a plan that suits you and program your I.T. equipment for the better.
Just need cyber safety software or hardware installed, we can help.

The Team

Take a closer look at the dedicated people behind Cybersafe Families

Cybersafe Families Resource Pack

In the interest of our environment and limiting the production of waste, Cybersafe Families are taking their CF Resource pack handout to an online format.

Our core ingredients

IT Professionals
Staff Trainer
Wellbeing Educator & Counsellor
A Media Professional
All Parents with different parenting styles

Experts in

Trusted eSafety Partners of the Australian Government for Australian schools
Child and Family Counselling
Making your home cybersafe
I.T. Hardware and Mobile device support
I.T. Software deployment and support

Many families may know how to use technology, but may not be aware of best practices and how to setup safe IT services at home.

Cybersafe Families are qualified technicians with an experience base in education. Whether you are looking to maximise your computer hardware, access some basic IT help or make a plan for what comes next, we are happy to assist you with every step.