Screen time has been receiving a bad rap in recent times, however it is important to weigh up both sides of the debate as there are just as many positives to screen time as there are negatives. In the table below we have outlined some pros and cons for you to consider.

Pros Cons
Can help to enable social interaction Can lead to lack of concentration at school
Can improve learning; numeracy and literacy Can lead to reduced activity which can lead to weight issues
Can enhance learning experiences Can impact sleep patterns

Below are a few tips to reducing screen time to kick start your routine;

  • Lead by example- our devices have become an extension of ourselves
  • Discuss and decide as a family on an appropriate amount of daily screen time, this will vary depending the age of your children
  • Make sure that other activities are readily available to encourage screen free time- bring out the old Monopoly set or Uno cards
  • Implement device free times or zones- no devices in the kitchen or at meal times