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Cybersafe Families cyber safety education gives parents and guardians a way to make their homes cyber safe! It’s important for parents to understand the real possibilities and understand the best practice for protection for as long as your family needs it. We don’t endorse overly strict regimes, just the importance of providing a suitable technology environment that is appropriate for the different stages of a child’s life.

Once parents are armed with the right information, only they can decide what’s right for their children. We aim for the best possible outcome for parents working with what is available, with a focus on the future of home internet safety. Cybersafe Families has a strong focus on child internet safety in Adelaide.

We follow guidelines as recommended by the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, this combined with our experience in the industry provides a unique presentation offering for Australian schools.

We are passionate about children getting the most of Information Technology at the time when they are ready. We provide cyber safety education in Adelaide. Information Technology can be a great resource and learning tool for children, but it can also provide access to material that may not be age appropriate. Unfiltered access and potential discoveries that can occur right in your home could be harmful to your children.

Our team

Executive team

Danielle Verrilli


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As an experienced Teacher, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and mother of two teenagers, Danielle has a special interest in the well-being of children and working with families.

Through her 28 years of experience working in education settings; teaching, counselling, and delivering quality wellbeing programs to students of all ages, Danielle has found a passion for providing safe online environments for all children and identified a need for cyber safety education and support for families, schools and communities.

Michelle Greene


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Michelle is an experienced Marketer and leader, having worked across many business sectors throughout her career. Skilled in Marketing Management, Database Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Event Planning, Advertising and Business Development.

An accomplished marketing professional with Communications qualifications from University of South Australia, Michelle is passionate about children getting the most out of online learning.

Chris Greene


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Chris has been involved with IT in the education sector for over 10 years and has witnessed all scenarios from the best practices to the poorest which led him down the cyber safety path. Seeing first-hand the effects of IT on children in positive and negative ways has created his desire to ensure safety for all children online.

The gaps in understanding between generations is common, so the need does exist to make sure families are not disadvantaged because of this. The education of the non-IT skilled requires effective communication and understanding.

Cybersafe Families wants to help all parents and grandparents to find a level playing field, so they can effectively guide our youth.

Cybersafety Educators

Todd Murfitt

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Todd lives in the Adelaide hills with his wife and two daughters.

He has a unique perspective on the importance of technology and education, following nearly twenty years as an educator combined with his reliance on a huge technological advance, living with a rechargeable ‘deep brain stimulator’.

For the past ten years Todd Murfitt has been a primary principal in South Australia. He is passionate about collaboration and communication, creating positive learning environments for all students, teachers and leaders.

Diagnosed in 2017 with ‘Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease”. Todd’s grit to go ‘toe to toe’ with this challenge has only strengthened his determination to live a full life; whilst maintaining his burning ambition to impact others positively – which has seen the schools he has led overcome adversity and develop thriving communities.

Retired now from school principalship, Todd is an author, presenter and coach.

Jess O’Connor

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Jess has always had a strong passion for Psychology and Mental Health which lead her to complete an Honours in Psychology at the University of Adelaide. She has also worked at Baptist Care where Jess loved supporting and making connections with young people, helping them to reach their full potential.

Jess has also spent time working with Lifeline and found this work rewarding and meaningful. Her love of learning and passion for child and adolescent well-being has driven her to study a Masters in Secondary Teaching at the University of Adelaide.

Jess believes that there are many benefits for children who engage in the online world and providing education and support to children and their families about cyber safety is the best we can do to help them to become responsible digital citizens and make safe choices online, and in doing so, protecting their mental health.

Emma Georgiadis

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Emma has worked in the media industry for more than fifteen years. She is a radio presenter at Southern Cross Austereo and has worked at the Triple M, Hit and Nova networks as an announcer, newsreader and producer, as well as behind the scenes in operations. She has a Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Law, and also works freelance as a voice over artist, MC, presenter and writer.

As well as her media industry involvement, Emma worked as a school teacher for ten years. She also took on the leadership position responsible for developing student leaders. Emma has travelled extensively and taught in schools from Cambodia to New York to the Galapagos Islands. She has a passion for teaching social and emotional wellbeing and has experience in girls’ education, in particular.

Combining her passions for communication, education and leadership, Emma has developed the podcast ‘Empowerhouse’ and also runs well-being programs that empower and liberate young people.

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